Dickology 101

Dickology 101… Pick Your Choice…. Be Honest   If you are a dude,which of these do you think you have and be honest with yourself and if you are a female which of these have you had or wish you had.   DICKOLOGY 101   MISERABLE DICK – When the guy is extremely handsome. He
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Past same sex partner

You are about to get married in a few months. Your partner sits you down and tell you the following. S/he has had an experience with the same sex back in the teenage years. S/he is in their 30’s They love you and you love them 1000% Y’all have been together for 5yrs and on
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So your ICloud got hacked

iCloud Security Strong Passwords Use two-step verification Background story links: August 2014 celebrity photo leaks Reported Apple iCloud Hack Leaked Hundreds of Nude Celebrity Photos

Woman has surgery to make herself "unattractive to men"

Jasmine Tridevil had surgery to add a third breast because she does not want to date. she spent $20,000 for a third breast to make herself “unattractive to men.” http://nydn.us/1x0GPrS What steps have you taken to make yourself “Less/Unattractive”?? Did she not have anything else to do with the money?

Hump Day

Ladies, what do you do when a dude cant keep his hands to himself? You try and try to explain to him you are not interested in his advances. How far or long do you let this go on?